I could not download the update version of my games from Google Play and App Store

If you cannot download the updated version of the game, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure your Internet connection is fast and stable enough. To check it, go to a common website and see its speed.
  • Check free memory space on your device. If you don't have enough storage, you cannot download games.
  • In some cases, you can try to delete cache, game data the redownload the updated version. If it doesn't work, try to delete and reinstall the game. Note: if you login game via Play now, you need to link your account with Facebook before you delete the game, so all your data will be saved for the next login, otherwise, you will lose all character data permanently.
  • Try to download another app to make sure Google Play Store (on Android devices) or iTunes (on iOS devices) is still working. If there are errors on Play Store or iTunes, you cannot download any app.
  • Check all update requirements on your device. If your device requires to update system apps, do it before downloading the game. 
Last updated on: 07/07/2016